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Technical Support

•    Setting up web site filtering to prevent patrons from visiting distasteful or offensive web sites
•    Locking down public machines to prevent users from installing or changing settings(i.e. Deep Freeze software)
•    Setting up wifi connections for patron use
•    Troubleshooting and configuring PCs, printers, routers
•    Installing notebook locks (Kensington) for security purposes
•    Onsite patron support and assistance
•    Implementing EnvisionWare software to allow patron’s to reserve time on library PCs (this software also provides reports for the library on computer usage) in addition to LPT:One for queueing, tracking, releasing and billing for print jobs
•    Network wiring
•    Server support and Maintenance
•    Configuring Faronics WinSelect software to put reference machines in Kiosk Mode
•    Worked with Sirsi Dynix and Polaris
•    Hardware\software recommendations and purchasing for non-profits (Tech Soup)