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We offer many moderately priced features for which our competition tries to charge exorbitant rates. We feel that many of these extra features are needed for a successful library web site. In many cases, we include one or more of the features below in our initial proposal because the library staff has already decided that it is a requirement for their site. The most popular is the Calendar.



The Calendar allows the library to show the community what events are taking place in the entire month. You can show events that are for children and adults and include links to a registration page if required. The calendar can be designed so that clicking on a day offer additional information that would not fit in the small square that represents a day.



Blogs have become increasingly popular and important because they help drive traffic to the site and foster a sense of community. If a blog is cleverly written, it can introduce reading events, new films, and computer connectivity at the library or other fun things to do. It can also provide the library staff with community feedback through comments posted on the blog. (Comments can be turned off if not desirable.)


Book Reviews

Your library site could also include a book review section that allows a staff librarian to write a review of new books that have arrived at the library with recommendations for the appropriate reading level. This section can include images of the book’s cover to make it more visually appealing. Here is an example of a book review section:

User Comments

The Blog and Book Review add-ons can have user comments turned on or off. We believe that having the feature on, enables the community to communicate their opinions. However, this has to be weighed against the amount of work that is required in approving comments and deleting inappropriate ones.


RSS Feeds

Our web sites can be designed with RSS feeds. This feature enables anyone to be notified when the library web site is changed. Some examples of notifications are when a book review or blog entry is added. These changes will automatically appear in the subscriber’s reader software.


Web Analytics

We can add code to your web site so that you can track it using Google’s Web Analytics. Google currently offers this service for free so it is worthwhile to have this included. The service will provide you with very relevant information on who your visitors are, what times they visit your site and how often they return. It will also tell you what keywords they use to reach your site.