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Awesome Library Web Sites

If you are looking for a company that designs library web sites, then chances are you want an awesome site. You do not want to settle for 1995 technology in the 2010s, but instead want a website that will convey to your community that you are serious about delivering quality information services. Today’s libraries are more than just a place to borrow books. There is a wealth of resources that are available to both young and old. Unfortunately, in many instances, these resources remain untapped because the community does not realize what is available.

Our job is to build that awesome web site that conveys your strengths and your value proposition to the community. We deliver this through excellent design, localized content and easy navigation. All our web sites are customized. It makes no sense to use a template web site that looks like everyone else’s when you can have a gorgeous, easy-to-use and easy-to-find site that conveys your value proposition to the community.


Easy Content Management

Besides an awesome look, the most compelling need for a library site is an easy way to manage the content. A librarian’s job is not HTML, ASP, PHP, CSS or any other arcane sounding technology--a librarian is an information professional trained in library and information science. Our sites make sure that you remain the information professional and not the reluctant web developer.

We design all our sites to be easy to modify. You can log in and have access to sections of the site using a word processing interface that is familiar to almost everyone. You do not need to know anything technical. Here is a screen with the interface:

Razor-Like Focus on Libraries

Our team understands libraries and their needs. We have been designing web sites for libraries for several years and have met with many librarians and library boards and understand what is needed to deliver a truly great library site. There is no reason to settle for a web design company that will give you a template or that will not listen to your unique needs and incorporate those into the finished site. We are here to give you that amazing web site that combines the strength of our experience and the knowledge of your community that only you can share.



Our web design experience dates back to the mid 1990s when the Internet first became open to the general public and the web browser was invented. We have used many technologies along the way and have perfected our use of the most useful ones. These core technologies include HTML, ASP, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS and Flash. Our tool set includes Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash and many other products that enhance our ability to deliver truly outstanding web sites.

We have designed web sites for libraries since the mid 2000s and have delivered results for our library clients. These sites are useable, friendly and easy to find on the Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engines. They deliver the right amount of information and provide the community a great starting point for finding resources at their local library.

Our experience guarantees that you will have a great experience with us.


Logo Design

If your library needs a logo created or updated, we can help. Click here to view logo samples created by us.



Any website looks better with pictures. We can go to your location and take hundreds of photos to ensure that we have enough perfect pictures to post on your web page. View some photos we have taken and used on websites we have created.


Event Registration Calendar

Our custom event registration calendar allows libraries to easily add events and place them in categories so visitors can easily determine which events may be of interest to them. Visitors can choose to register for events online if the library has enabled that option for the individual event. Special features include waiting list enable/disable per event, search functionality, multi-session registration, printable registrant list per event and much more. View screen shots of our calendar.



Blogs have become increasingly popular and important because they help drive traffic to the site and foster a sense of community. If a blog is cleverly written, it can introduce reading events, new films, and computer connectivity at the library or other fun things to do. It can also provide the library staff with community feedback through comments posted on the blog. (Comments can be turned off if not desirable.)


Content Creation

Unlike other firms, we can assist you with content creation. This could include our writing blog entries for you, complete sections of your site or even translating portions of the site to other languages. We will work with you on writing text for your web site. Part of our service includes taking photographs for your web site or enhancing existing ones to make them more appealing or to make them fit better with the layout of your new site.

You are the one who decides how much involvement we will have in the creation of content. We can take your text and pictures and create the site with your content, we can use some of your content and help with some of it or we can do all the writing, photography and design for you.



We have expertise in some foreign languages. These include Spanish and French. If you have a need for sections in foreign languages we can work with you to obtain grammatically correct translations and then implement those sections in your new site. For example, we created one library web site that included English, Spanish and Korean sections to accommodate those cultural communities and encourage their participation.


Web Analytics

We use Google Analytics to make sure that your web site is receiving traffic and is being used by the community. We embed code in the web site that Google uses for tracking purposes. We then create a profile on Google and set it so that it e-mails you a weekly report of the traffic volume, sources and geographical origins. This is very valuable information because it provides you with feedback on what sections of your web site are most popular. You also get a very good sense as to what people are searching for when they reach your web site.



Once we design an amazing site for your library, you need to make sure that the public knows about it and uses it as a resource for their information needs and for finding community events hosted at the library. We can help you with this process by setting up a form for obtaining e-mail addresses from your visitors. We then set up an e-mail newsletter template that matches your web site design. You pick the frequency and create the content of the newsletter and we make sure it goes out on schedule.

The important thing to remember is that the entire process is very easy.


Web and E-mail Hosting

Our company provides comprehensive services for library web sites. You can count on us to host your site professionally and to host your e-mail accounts as well. Our monthly plan includes one hour of updates, backups and unlimited e-mail accounts and storage. We set you up with an easy-to-use web interface for your e-mail or help you configure your desktop application like Outlook on Windows PCs or Entourage on Apple Macintosh computers.

We handle as much or as little as you need. For example, we have some library clients that have their sites hosted by their state governments. If this is what you need, we can help you get the site ready and can upload the new site and also make sure that it works. We use technology that is tailored to your needs. If your host cannot handle a technology that we would like to use, we will use a different one that makes more sense for that environment.

We have the infrastructure to deliver a strong solution, but are also flexible enough to accommodate changes required by specific hosting environments or state regulations.


Phenomenal Service and Support

The most important reason that you should choose Alonso Consulting to design and develop your library web site is that we provide phenomenal support. When you call us, you do not get a series of touch tone menus or voice mail, you get a live person who knows who you are and who is there to provide exceptional service at all times in perfect English. We pride ourselves on our service and our communications skills.

When you are paying for a service, you deserve to get service. You will find that our references will rave about our service. Call us and we will provide you with names and numbers.


Reasonable Pricing

We believe in the mission of public libraries. Because of that, we love working on library web sites. We feel that we are contributing to the improvement of humanity when we design a great library site that inspires young minds to explore and learn. Because of this, we offer libraries a rate that equals 40% of our normal corporate hourly rate. We also offer a fixed price guarantee for the initial engagement. This makes it easy for you as a Library Director to budget for the site. It also makes it easier to get necessary budgetary approvals. There are no surprise fees when dealing with us.

The only thing that should surprise you when dealing with us is the quality of our work and the integrity of our employees.